It is an unfortunate thing in American politics today that the voting public has allowed the media to slowly eradicate any meaning or serious discussion from the quagmire that our election process has become.  Too often this has been accomplished by a simple trick: divide and conquer.  Yes divide and conquer – it’s as old a strategy as political science itself and is always effective. But what is it that makes it so effective? Why does it seem that the media and corporate/globalist elites are always able to impose their will and no one sees it coming?  To answer that question, allow me to pause a moment and ask you, the reader, a few questions of my own.

Have you ever found yourself thinking that everyone else in the world is an idiot and you wonder how the world would continue turning around if its fruited plains weren’t graced by your wisdom and insightfulness? If yes, then I would dare say you are probably being led astray just like all the minions around you who seem so steeped in their ignorance. Allow me to explain.

Flattery is the greatest form of manipulation.  That’s right, flattery.  The American people today are flattered beyond measure, and therefore manipulated beyond measure.  All across the various demographic groups, every community is convinced that everyone else is the problem but never pause to think that their own group may be fueling the fire.  Volumes and volumes could be written upon this subject but for the sake of brevity let us take for ourselves one example that will prove a useful case study to help demonstrate exactly the type of manipulation of which I speak.

Ever since the Republican Party’s abysmal candidate, Mitt Romney, was destroyed in an election that should have been much closer than it was, a new narrative has been conceived amongst the powers that be in conservative media outlets.  I’ll give you one word: establishment. Establishment has become a buzzword in Republican circles over the last few years. Everyone from Gateway pundits, columnists and radio hosts, to the average card-carrying Republican is always talking about what the Party establishment is up to lately.

Turn on the television and a cable news star will be tracking the establishment on their congressional maneuvers. On the radio, your favorite host is convinced that the establishment is funding some sinister cause. Pick up a newspaper and the reader is assured that the establishment is wringing its hands over its options for the parties eventual nominee for President. Amidst all of the tenacious journalism and status updates it would seem unthinkable that the wily establishment could get away with anything, right?

Wrong!  This entire narrative, the stories of outsiders versus establishmentarians, is all a total farce designed to deceive you, the voter.  The stroke of manipulative genius at work here is that by purporting to roll back the curtains and show the average media consumer some little detail, some secret, which they really aren’t supposed to know, the Republican Party bosses and their allies in the media are positioning the people exactly where they want them.

For all the excitement, everyone getting a starry look in their eye as they proudly defy the will of the mythical establishment, the average Republican is being led, as usual, down a path which serves the interests of the Party’s overseers.  It really is quite clever.  With so much distrust in circulation following the very unpopular campaign of Mitt Romney, a group was invented and then blamed for the problem.

Conservative media outlets transitioned form heralding Romney as the potential savior of our country to telling their audiences just who it was who was responsible for his being chosen to represent the party in the first place. The ‘establishment’ became this scapegoat. Since then, the establishment has grown to become the tremendous, scandalous force that it is today. Every mishap is attributed to its presence, every shameful sellout of the American people by their ‘conservative’ leaders turns out to be the fault of the establishment.

This establishment is so visible the only thing we don’t know about it is who is in it?  Let’s think about it for a moment. Well, there’s Mitch McConnell.  He’s gotta be in it.  Then there is always John McCain.  How about beyond that? John Boehner, can’t forget him.  But this establishment must be huge right?  It’s so powerful, so big, so uncaring about the will of the people, so villainous that they just have to be up to their dirty tricks just around every corner.

But here’s the kicker. Who else might be part of this pseudo-cabal? Might Bill O’Reilly be a part of this establishment? Or Rush Limbaugh? Karl Rove? Paul Ryan? Never! These people are the good guys. They are the ones on our side. They are everyday desperately fighting both the Democrats and the treacherous establishment; or so we are told.  In reality these people are just as much insiders, just as establishment as Jeb Bush and Paul Wolfowitz.  And that is how the people are once again being led about effortlessly by the engineers of our party system.

Here on perfect display is pure propaganda in its most unrecognizable and dangerous form, flattery.  Feeling as though they are wise to the establishment’s every move, the average Republican cannot see just how in control the ‘establishment’ really is.

Written by Robert Hoyle

Robert Hoyle is a reformed Presbyterian who lives in Southeastern Virginia. He and his wife Rachel operate a small dairy farm together and have several children. The Hoyle family is committed to the cause of Christian Reconstruction, the family construction business and environmentally responsible farming.

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