I have been a nominal Christian pretty much all my life. I repeated the sinner’s prayer or something similar when I was a toddler. I grew up in the church. I was educated in private Christian schools all my life. I actually trusted Christ on February 2, 2011 (that was a good day, understatement of the year), and have been a follower of Jesus Christ since then. I have since participated in local church missions, Christian conferences and the like, all in hopes to grow closer to God.

I was introduced to the 180 Movie by Ray Comfort a few months after that February. We had once had the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity with the red tape over our mouths at our private school, but I did not understand the actual horror of what was going on. I barely remember even caring. This movie actually motivated me to find out how I could get more involved in the fight against it. The film was very well done. I had seen some of Comfort’s Way of the Master evangelism videos and was familiar with his style of outreach, but seeing it applied to abortion was new to me. This led me to talk about it in class, to have presentations on it for graded projects, and to look into other organizations that were opposed to it.

May 21, 2012, though. That was the day it became real to me. I may have noticed a graphic image or two in the past, but on that day I saw multitudes of them. I couldn’t stop looking. I couldn’t stop shaking. I became determined to fight against this with my life. Being high school president gave me opportunities to lead in multiple school activities and awareness campaigns. Going to Mary Hardin-Baylor gave me the chance to meet Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., to join in Cru for Life, visit the Gladney Adoption Center, and participate in more awareness campaigns on and off campus. Coming back to Houston and the surrounding area after freshman year gave me the chance to see the activities of the Abolitionist Society of Houston, including on-campus evangelism, online counseling, meeting with crisis pregnancy centers to discuss tactics, ministering at the abortion facilities, and throwing baby showers for people that have changed their minds about abortion.

Two and a half years after first meeting Abolitionists and evaluating their methodology since then, I am now convinced that Abolitionism is the proper method for ending abortion in the United States and internationally. This may be a discomforting statement for some actively involved in pro-life organizations, while those who are new to all of this may be asking, “What’s the difference?” I have received much criticism for demanding on the adherence to Abolitionism rather than general acceptance of anyone and everyone professing to be pro-life into the movement. I myself have questioned my current position many, many times, yet I keep coming back to it. So let me attempt to explain the ideology, point-by-point, and then you, the reader, can decide for yourself.

There is a five-fold difference. Abolitionists use the acronym E.R.G.O.N., which is the Greek word for “works,” each letter referring to an important distinction of the ideology. I will go out of order to begin with the most important one:

G: Gospel-Centered: This movement is meant to give glory only to God, the Lord Jesus Christ. While I have been sympathetic towards the lost who voice their opposition to the murder of the unborn, this has to be a union under a Common King, not just a common cause. As Jesus asked, “what good it is to gain the world and lose your soul”, so I propose this: what good is it to save the whole of humanity from abortion yet lose the Gospel?

If every child is saved from murder, grows up and grows old, yet never hears about sin and salvation in Christ, that person will die in their sin and face the wrath of God on the great judgment day. By no means do we want that for them. So we have to not only agitate a pro-choice culture and offer life-affirming service, but we have to boldly and unapologetically speak the message of repentance from sin and faith alone in the triune God incarnate for salvation. This is a distinctly Christian movement made up of those who have been raised to life in Christ.

E: Evangelical. It is one thing to claim to be personally opposed to the slaughter of human beings. It is quite another to act on that presupposition. Half the population claims to be pro-life, according to LifeNews.com. 90% of the population, however, approves of abortion on demand in one circumstance or another, according to a different poll. Claiming to be “pro-life,” is not enough. One must be an abolitionist in order to show what they plan to do to fight against abortion. One must do the work and bear fruit.

R: Reliant on Providence. We are often tempted to follow an option of physical, verbal or political action that involves pragmatism. We cannot act in a manner simply because it may seem to achieve results. The infamous killer of Mr. Tiller serves as a fine example. We adhere to a strict non-violence policy in contrast to this. We must do as God commands, and we will strive to obey, even if we do not see the results we desire. Duty is ours. Results belong to God.

O: Obligation of the Church. I have seen from many, many people the use of the term, “calling.” Most of the time it comes in this format: “That’s not my calling.” We disagree with the use of that statement. While people may be focused in an area of ministry that is not directly abortion-related, there is something that every Christian, in one way or another, can do to contribute to the cause, and I mean physically and verbally, not financially. To anyone that disagrees, I ask: would it be different if it was your family headed for death?

N: Now / No Compromise. We refuse to give approval to anything that falls short of demanding immediate justice for all. You will most often see this in reference to the debate between two camps of methodology as to how to oppose abortion, incrementalism and immediatism. Abolitionists fall into the latter category. Any bill put forth that demands less than abolition is allowing for abortion to remain legal in some form. The bills passed in order to make incremental “victories” actually state that abortionists may continue their practice if they do so below 20 weeks of growth, or in the case of the health of the mother, or in medically qualified facilities, etc. And if Roe v. Wade is overturned, these rulings stay in place, and actually keep abortion legal. The Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade must not be complied with in these manners; it must be defied and ignored.

This ideology may take time to ponder. That is perfectly understandable, since it took me months before I could comfortably adhere fully to the five tenets and years even before I could understand some of the implications of them. I can tell you, however, that seeing the ideology put into practice by fellow Christians proves to me that it works. I believe it is glorifying to God in and of itself. I say that, however, with the Word of God, the Bible, as my standard. Let it be your measuring rod as you examine this ideology. Equip yourself with the armor of God, and go out and do the work of abolition in your community. To the unbeliever give the Gospel and show them the need for it through the Law of God that abortion breaks. To the believer, encourage them with commands from Scripture to rescue those stumbling towards the slaughter, to expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness, and to warn people to repent.

To those who strongly disagree with the ideology, please understand that I do not consider you the enemy. No matter however much our views may differ, you are made in the image of God regardless. If you trust in Christ alone for Salvation, I consider you a brother or a sister as well. Continue examining the ideology. Continue telling us about your concerns or disagreements. Children are dying. People are going to hell without Christ and many of them patients at the abortion mills. So this conversation has to be had so that as many people as possible agree upon the best method of outreach possible.

Time is short. The harvest is plenty. The workers are few. Preach the gospel and Abolish Human Abortion.


Written by Alexander Johnson

A Wretched Sinner, Redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ Alone. Member of the Abolitionist Society of Houston. Praise Team Leader at First Baptist Church in Lovelady, Texas.

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