I am a 20 year old young lady who is redeemed and saved from my sin only by the grace of God. Having a love for reading, I have discovered many mentors from days gone by who the Lord has used to strengthen my walk with Him. From John Calvin I have learned that the Lord predestines who He will — some are fitted for wrath, and some are fitted to dwell forever with Him, all to make His glory known. A. W. Tozer has taught me of the attributes of my great and mighty God. From Charles Spurgeon I have gleaned many practical applications from Scripture for my life.

I am the oldest in my family of thirteen. I graduated from my home education in 2014, and began a blog as a way of encouraging and challenging others to follow the Lord’s will in their life. In the time I am not writing, I am studying the Word of my Saviour, learning the amazing natural ways the Lord has provided for us to use to heal our bodies, studying the in’s and out’s of being a doula, washing and folding laundry, holding children, changing diapers, helping teach the little ones, cooking meals, out in the garden, cleaning, ironing, washing dishes, keeping the little ones busy….

In my spare time I am writing letters, playing instruments, doing handwork, or curled up with a book — or two or three or four — and a nice cup of hot coffee =) I enjoy singing in harmony with a group of friends, and gathering together to play instruments, for the glory of our Creator.