Dominion, Femininity, and the Workplace

Everyday life: It can be a drain. It can get discouraging.  So many big plans for the future. So much to do but no way to get there. How does one climb stairs?  Duh. One step at a time. How does one achieve future goals?  Let’s try one step at a time. Goals vary depending… Read more »

Having a Biblical Worldview

Nearly 15 years ago a survey was conducted among evangelical pastors. The question was simply “Do you have a Christian worldview?” The results were surprising to the evangelical establishment: less than half of pastors profess to have a Christian worldview. Almost 15 years later, I think it can be safely said that, with the rapid… Read more »

Tenets of Abolitionism

I have been a nominal Christian pretty much all my life. I repeated the sinner’s prayer or something similar when I was a toddler. I grew up in the church. I was educated in private Christian schools all my life. I actually trusted Christ on February 2, 2011 (that was a good day, understatement of… Read more »

Reconstructing Political Action (part I)

America is a political culture. Both saved and unsaved alike partake in this political culture. Politics is the art of compromise, this culture says. To be an effective politician or political activist, they tell us that you must play the game, follow the rules, or use your opponent’s playbook to gain success. The ends truly… Read more »

Freedom in the Judiciary

While God ordains and establishes civil leaders in general (Rom. 13:1), He didn’t specifically reveal an exact form of government or courts. He didn’t command a specific government, but instead gave examples in Scripture of leaders who He gave direct commands to (Moses in Exodus 18:21-22) and those who He approved of and blessed (King… Read more »

Sin and Magic in Fiction (part II)

One particular sin that gets a lot of discussion among Christian readers and authors is the sin of witchcraft. Many families refuse to read or allow their children to read any fiction whatsoever that is fantastical or that includes magic. Others argue that the secondary fantasy worlds that include magic are outside God’s moral law… Read more »

Sin and Magic in Fiction (part I)

I’m an avid reader of fiction, and I learned one lesson pretty early in my life: it’s difficult to grow up as a reader in the Christian homeschool community, and not stumble into a series of discussions with friends and family about the suitability of this or that novel. If anything, the discussions have intensified… Read more »

The True Meaning of Marriage

There are many things I’ve been asked when it comes to marriage and relationships with men, but I think it all comes down to one question: What do you look for in marriage? There are many answers to this question. But since it has been presented in such a way, I shall attempt to answer it… Read more »

The Propogandization of American Politics

It is an unfortunate thing in American politics today that the voting public has allowed the media to slowly eradicate any meaning or serious discussion from the quagmire that our election process has become.  Too often this has been accomplished by a simple trick: divide and conquer.  Yes divide and conquer – it’s as old… Read more »

The Power of Women

Yes, you read that right. And no, I’m not going feminist. We girls are powerful. Very powerful. We need to be aware of that, and use our power wisely. We have the power to heal, but also to hurt. We have the power to lift up, but also to tear down. We have the power… Read more »

  • The Lord’s Day

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why we rest one day out of our seven day week? Have you ever wondered why most people have Sundays off of work and a lot of businesses are closed? Even those who are not saved even seem to from cease from labor and take the time to relax…. Read more »

  • The Importance of Christian Reconstruction

    We live today in a dying age. Modernity, with its trust in the autonomous reason of man, is coming to a dramatic and cataclysmic conclusion. Unfortunately, many Christians have adopted the secular worldview and cannot see this impending doom. Much of this is due to a secular education. When people begin to see the State… Read more »

  • The Distinctives of Christian Reconstruction

    Despite the repeated emphasis upon clear definitions and straightforward understanding, Christian Reconstruction is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misrepresented by its critics. This is unfortunate because it is likely that if the critics understood the actual position Christian Reconstructionists hold, they were be happily surprised to see but small chasm between themselves and Reconstructionists. As I… Read more »

  • An Introduction to Christian Reconstruction

    In the year 1962 there was no Christian Reconstruction movement. There was not even an outline thereof. Hitherto, the work of Dr. Rousas John Rushdoony had been, like his main influence Cornelius Van Til, primarily negative. Dr. R.J. Rushdoony had simply followed in the footsteps of Van Til: “placing explosive charges at the base of… Read more »

  • Of God and Government(s)?

    What is government? This is a seemingly simplistic question but few people today can even begin to formulate a coherent answer. When you ask the average American “what is government?” their first thought is “that thing in Washington D.C.” This answer is a startling revelation in terms of Biblical thought. It represents a fundamental misunderstanding… Read more »

  • Launch Day

    We are thrilled to announce that our official launch date is set for September first! We are still accepting possible team members. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us at We would love to hear from you. -The Foundations of Reconstruction Team